Once applications are closed, selected projects will be invited to a series of interviews with our team for further assessement. Please note that it’s possible that our team contacts you before the application deadline to schedule these interviews.

There is no fee to participate. However, depending on where you are in the process of incorporation, legal fees may be incured.

Our accelerator program is 100% remote. You are not required to be on-site for the program.

Our program includes one month of acceleration followed by unlimited hands-on support from The Blox team and partners to help the projects succeed. During and after the program, we provide support on Product-market-fit, Go-to-market strategy, Marketing, Community development, UI/UX Design, Tokenomics, Product launch (MVP), Mentor & Investor connections, Key resources and documentations, Live workshops and support. You also get acces to our network of world-class mentors, +2,500 investors (VCs and BAs), and programs' alumni.

The Conv3rgence accelerator spans a four-week period, after which our startups continue to receive ongoing support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

The Blox operates globally and has offices in Paris and Toronto. We have a strong network of partners both in Europe and North America. The Blox is also a GAN Accelerator, the largest accelerator network in the world, which includes partners and investors in over +120 cities on six continents. With that kind of leveraging power, we can support market access worldwide.

All the details on our investment terms can be found here. Terms are typically non-negotiable but can be revisited depending on the stage and KPIs of your company.

After the accelerator program, you will have the opportunity to pitch your project to an investment committee and get a chance to receive funding. Ticket sizes vary depending on the advancement of the project and other relative criteria.

We invest in pre-seed and seed rounds. This means your project may or may not necessarily have an MVP ready yet.

We support our startups for the long-term and during their different development stages. We may exit when a liquidity event occurs and it makes sense to us. (Later-stage priced round, acquisition, IPO)

Yes, startups can receive investments outside of the accelerator in very specific cases. However, the vast majority of investments that startups receive happen through our accelerator program.

We are looking for early stage founders willing to bootstrap their project and target a seed round. However, we also accompany projects that have already closed a seed-round to help them succeed in their Series-A funding round. We consider that projects are too late after closing their Serie-A funding round.

So far, our average acceptance rate revolves around 3%.

If it makes sense for you to apply for a new program, we won't necesserily object. You should double-check the terms of your previous accelerator to ensure that no clause exists to prevent you from joining a new accelerator. Moreover, we ask founders to be fully committed to our accelerator program and wouldn't accept that you participate in two programs simultaneously.

We typically notify applicants within three weeks after the application deadline. Our team will email you whether or not your application has been accepted.

Please reach out to the F6S support team at [email protected] providing the link to your F6S company profile and the link to your application form.