How The Blox program works


We like to describe The Blox as an operator-investor. Each part of our program is designed to deliver timely knowledge on structuring great companies and spur the development of products we contribute to building.
The team at The Blox shares common values with the people we work with, and our founders love it. Each startup that joins our program will benefit from the compounding effect of our continuous network expansion, funding opportunities, and brand authority for the lifetime of their company.

No matter at what stage your business is, The Blox wants to help your startup build a successful product, leveraging our resources and hands-on mentorship.

Investment terms

Once you’ve been accepted into The Blox accelerator, our team collects further information in order to finalize our due diligence and get your company started as quickly as possible.

We invest up to $125,000 USD in every startup on the following terms:

First month, first ticket: $15,000 USD in common stock

The Blox takes an equity stake of 5% in common shares in the startups completing the Conv3rgence 4-week program which we will receive just prior to the company’s subsequent equity financing round of $200,000 or more.

Token Launch

If the company engages in token-related activities, 5% of the Token Reserve will be issued to the Purchaser.

Second ticket: $110,000 USD investment (optional):

Before or after completing the Blox Booster 12-week program, The Blox will have the option to invest up to $110,000 as a convertible note and take an additional equity stake in the company’s fully diluted capital stock at the qualified financing. The Note has a 2-year term and converts during the next equity financing of at least $200,000 USD. If not converted, the term may be extended by one year. Simple interest accrues annually at 5%.

The Note has a $2,500,000 USD valuation cap, adjustable up to a maximum of $5,000,000 USD based on prior funding exceeding $200,000 USD through an equity round with a higher pre-money valuation or convertible notes/SAFEs with a higher conversion cap.



Conv3rgence by The Blox is the fastest, AI-powered, accelerator program in the world. Startups are onboarded on an ongoing basis and the program starts as soon as our due diligence process is complete.

The Conv3rgence accelerator runs for 4 intense weeks and is followed by unlimited support from The Blox and the option to join the Blox Booster 12-week program. Its goal is to set startups up with the tools and resources they need to achieve exponential growth and make a lasting impact while propelling innovative projects in the realms of AI, Web3, and the Metaverse.

More information about Conv3rgence can be found here.

During the program, we help founders with the following:

  • Essential understanding
  • Exploring the founder’s role
  • Creating an MVP
  • UI/UX Design support
  • Building a business model
  • Tokenomics
  • Customer personas
  • Collecting user feedback
  • Community development
  • Assembling a high-performance team
  • Financials & preparation for Blox Booster

Blox Booster

We’ve designed a tailored experience for startups that are ready to scale. Our Blox Booster Program provides startups with the strategic guidance, resources, and investor connections needed to secure a successful seed or series A funding round. We help startups refine their product-market fit, optimize business operations, and forge lasting partnerships.

The program curriculum:

Week Themes covered
1 Cohort onboarding and setup, Lean Startup, Product Market Fit, Market research & competitive analysis, buyer personas, and Branding
2 Technical feasibility, Business Model, KPIs, Marketing Strategy, Legal & Accounting, Mentors
3 Build your Data Room, HR, Pitch, Financials & Fundraising, Mentors
4 Anticipate legal Issues, connect with Mentors, Fundraising, Tokenomics, Investor connections
5 MVP Plan, UI/UX, MVP, Growth Hacking, Scalability, Users stories, Meetups
6 Pricing, Advanced Sales & Marketing
7 Pitch finetuning, SEO, build your first One-page deck
8 Create your fundraising plan
9 Pitch finetuning, Story Telling, Pro format & Financials
10 Create your Term Sheet, Pitch Deck presentation
11 Pitch practice with mentors, business angels
12 Pitch Day

Office hours

The Blox and its partners host year-round office hours for founders. We keep the process very smooth for startups to book some time with our experts whenever they need it.

Founder Connect

Founders have access to our private Discord server as soon as they join our The Blox network. It makes it easy for startups to connect with other founders, get introductions, ask for help, or announce something important.

Getting traction

The Blox works with various partners and platforms to help startups increase awareness among their target audience and get their first customers. We assist founders with their media strategy, press releases, targeted campaigns, and KPIs.

$1M+ perks

As a The Blox Startup, you can leverage economies of scale and have exclusive access to an incredible suite of benefits worth over $1M+. Our extensive range of perks includes generous credits from industry-leading service providers such as AWS, HubSpot, Twilio, MongoDB, Yousign, Mixpanel, and many more.

These deals enable you to scale faster, streamline operations, and optimize your growth. From cloud computing and data storage to marketing automation and analytics, our partner perks cover a wide array of essential startup needs.

The Conv3rgence Summit

The Blox hosts an annual 2-day event every summer, usually in Toronto, Canada, or Paris, France. The accelerator being fully-remote, this summit is the perfect opportunity to meet with founders, mentors, investors, and partners.

Founder Wellness Support

The Blox is committed to supporting founders through the Founder Wellness Pact. Today, any startup may speak with a certified counselor for a free, confidential phone conversation to talk through any issue they’re struggling through. All conversations will be kept completely confidential.


Attracting top talent is key to driving the success of your company. To facilitate this, we actively promote job opportunities within our portfolio companies on our job portal.

Additionally, we have partnered with multiple service providers like Welcome to the Jungle, AlumnForce, Rippling, Gusto, and Zenefits, to provide startups with access to a core suite of HR services for companies and their team members who are based in, or looking to expand to, Europe and North America.

Corporate network

The Blox corporate network enables any founder to request a direct introduction to our corporate network, including people like Ledger, Ripple, Google, Meta, and more.

Alumni network

The Blox alumni are what makes our community so great and sustainable. As soon as you graduate from The Blox, you become a de facto The Blox alumni and benefit from lifetime access to our network, events, and resources as often as needed.

Gan network

The Blox is GAN accelerator. GAN was founded by Techstars and is a highly-curated community of independent accelerators, partners, and investors with one collective focus: creating opportunities for startups around the world to access the human and financial capital they need so that they can build powerful businesses and make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home. Thanks to our connection to GAN, you’re now able to access connections and resources built by a network that spans more than 180 cities and six continents across the globe.

Metacircle network

Metacircle is the leading Think Tank of the Metaverse industry. The Blox is one of its founding members along with some of the most prominent projects in the space like RTFKT, The Sandbox, Mc Kinsey, Disney Land, and more. Metacircle can be leveraged in different ways depending on your startup’s strategy.

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