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3-month acceleration programs to build the best Web3 startups.

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Non-fungible expertise

Our team brings decades of experience and insights to the table. The Blox helps projects structure their future with pragmatism.


We support and help game-changing projects in the Web3 space through immediate investment and bring together investors who provide capital, network, and expertise throughout the project’s journey.


We connect projects through our extensive network of qualified mentors all around the world. From experienced executives and developers all the way to top-notch Web3 marketing specialists, we got you covered.


We are dedicated to helping young or established Web3 projects accelerate their growth and thrive in this industry. We build unique growth strategies while leveraging key relationships in the space.


Our team consists of Web3 experts with complementary backgrounds. The Blox assists founders in structuring their company, deploying their ideas, generating traction, raising funds, and bringing their products to market.

Accelerator Programs

We offer two acceleration programs based on the stage of the project.

Acceleration Boot Camp

Our Acceleration Boot Camp is dedicated to early-stage projects that have already built an MVP or have a strong value proposition they can rapidly bring to life.

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Blox Booster Program

Build a solid community, scale, and accelerate your growth. Blox Booster Program is meant for projects that have already raised funds ($500K to $2M) and want to boost their KPIs.

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Accelerator Portfolio

The Blox is not a venture fund, we invest our time, effort and funds strategically with the projects we support.


Boot camp

Smartlink is developing a non-custodial Escrow solution and the first Web3-ready marketplace for products and services.


Boot camp

Market players need structured information and insights. Kryptview curates collective intelligence to make it actionable.


Boot camp

The founders of the legendary Paris Motor Show launches MetaMotorShow with virtual augmented experiences for automotive afficionados.


Boot camp

Bloometa brings the first curated GameFi marketplace to Metaverse players offering cross-chain capabilities and P2E data analytics.

P2E Game

Boot camp

Crypto Arcade is a way to have fun, compete , and earn XTZ! You can now play a remastered version of the iconic game, Flappy Bird!


Boot camp

MyTVchain is the World’s First Sports NFT marketplace to Collect, Play, Watch and Support your favorite Athletes while Earning.


Boot camp

The leading all-in-one decentralized finance protocol on Tezos blockchain that combines AMM and various Dapps.

P2E Game

Boot camp

StoneAge is a decentralized open 3D virtual world. It is created, shared and owned by the Homosapiens and is powered by tezos.

NFT Bridge

Boot camp

A cross-chain bridge protocol that allows users to move NFTs from one blockchain to another in a decentralized fashion.

Voxel Studio

Boot camp

Professional voxel car design studio focused on creating digital voxel assets powered by The Sandbox.

AI Platform

Boot camp

Wise gives you all the information you need about NFTs, whatever the blockchain, whatever the platform.

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Investment Portfolio

Besides the accelerator, we also occasionally invest in early-stage projects we believe in.



DOGAMÍ combines the latest blockchain innovations with mobile gaming to create an all-new, amplified experience: the Petaverse.



With CEDE.LINK, track, transfer and invest your crypto across the whole ecosystem whether it is CeFi or DeFi.



Protect the environment while playing and give the money generated through ads, inApp purchases and Tokens to NGOs.

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Portfolio spotlights & news

Our mission is to uplift early-stage Web3 startups through funding, expertise, and strategic networking.

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Besides us, our portfolio startups are backed by investors you may have heard of…

Team and Mentors

The Blox is not a venture fund, we invest our time, effort and funds strategically with the projects we support.

Ben Constanty

Co-Founder, Chairman

The Blox

Ludovic Polly

VP, Program Management

The Blox

Selim Lasram

CTO, Engineer

The Blox

Lorenzo Trichard

VP Marketing & PR

The Blox

Gabriel Tailleur

Head of Research

The Blox

Prakash Pandey

Mentor, Marketing

CMO, Smartlink

Milan Orban

Mentor, Communications

Deputy Editor, Ledger

Philippe Audino

Mentor, Growth 

Sales Director, Airbus

Bilal El Alamy

Mentor, Business Strategy

Co-founder, Dogami

Sebastien Choukroun

Mentor, DeFi Modelling

PhD, ex Nomadic Labs

Philippe Rodriguez

Mentor, Fundraising, M&A

Partner, Avolta Partners

Gaspare Dore

Mentor, M&A

Lawyer, Castaldi Partners

Walid Behar

Mentor, Fundraising

CEO, Edbridg

Hadrien Parsy

Mentor, GameFi, P2E

Co-founder, Metadams

Joseph Emeras 

Mentor, Data Science

Engineering Team, PWC

Hadrien Zerah

Mentor, Tezos Ecosystem

Director, Nomadic Labs

Álvaro García Pérez

Mentor, Researcher

Engineer, CEA

Albin Warin

Mentor, Fundraising

VC, XT Labs

Matthieu Saubin

Mentor, Community 

Polygon Ambassador

Amine Bounoughaz

Mentor, Go-to-market

Forbes 30 under 30

Nathan Benchimol

Mentor, Tokenomics

CEO, Nomiks

Ludovic Paguet

Mentor, Entrepreneur

CEO, Kanary

Benjamin Cornu

Mentor, NFT Strategy

CEO, Makerare

Gael Durand-Perdriel

Mentor, Media relations


Thomas Clamagirand

Mentor, Product

Scouting manager, Antler

Julien Brosse

Mentor, Legal & IP expert

COO, Ipocamp

Thomas Duriez

Mentor, Data Scientist

Bitcoin Miner

Clement Tequi
Clément Tequi

Mentor, Founder

CEO, Capsule Corp. Labs

Martin Oliviero

Martin Oliviero

Mentor, Founder
Co-Founder, Ternoa
Geoffrey Heckmann
Mentor, Developer

Co-Founder, Just Mining

Nicolas Cheriot

Mentor, Product expert
Works with Ubisoft, Aircall
Gašper Štih
Mentor, Marketing
CMO, Ternoa

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Code of Ethics

The Blox mentors must adhere to our code of conduct to ensure an ethical environment for our community.

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Global Perspective

Our mission of accompanying the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs, and providing founders with resources and connections to succeed is international and at the core of our long-term strategy.


Our partners bring a wealth of experience to drive project teams to build the next Web.

Web3 Focal Point

We have a particular interest in projects that understand how Web3 is changing the internet.

Metaverse, Art, Media

NFTs, Digital Assets, Play-to-Earn, eSports, Games, Music, Watch-to-earn, entertainment.

DeFi & Dapps

Decentralized trading platforms, lending platforms, Cross-chain Dapps.

Middleware & Services

Data and Analytics, Identity, Privacy, Wallets, Platform aggregators.


Governance, DAO, Decentralized storage, Internet Of Things (IOT), Bridges, Protocols.

300+ universities and non-profits

We’ve built a rigorous sourcing process with one of our valuable shareholders i.e Sourcing Force, and Alumnforce to identify and recruit the best talents when our startups need it the most.

Working with The Blox

Some have great networks. Some have great counsel. We gather it all. Additionally, we believe in doing the legwork with you when your project needs it the most.

The Leading Metaverse Think Tank

The Blox is a proud founding member of Metacircle, the leading Metaverse Think Tank reuniting some of the most brilliant minds in the space.

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