The Ternoa Accelerator Program

Up to 800K USD perks, 25K Grant
in $CAPS, and funding opportunities.
Mentors, Investors, and Partners are here to support you during this 3-month program all the way to our Demo Day.
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Ternoa Accelerator The Blox

What is this accelerator program about?

The goal of this program is to bootstrap innovative Web3 projects building top-notch NFT and Metaverse solutions on the Ternoa blockchain. Projects will develop their product and business model with the help of The Blox’s resources during a 3-month acceleration period.

Go from project to startup in a heartbeat.


The Blox and Ternoa have entered a partnership to give builders the opportunity to turn their projects into startups and receive grants and funding after graduating from the program. Ternoa is a decentralized open-source layer 1 that provides a technological stack to build secure and scalable utility NFTs. It is also the first NFT-centric blockchain and the project uses Polkadot’s Substrate Framework.

The program’s mission is to support the launch of innovative startups that will contribute to the growth of the Ternoa ecosystem and infrastructure. The Blox and Ternoa will give startups access to plenty of resources, technical and design support, as well as a network of mentors and investors.

Ternoa Polkadot



The best performing startups will be considered for a follow-on investment post-program.


$25K Prize Pool

The top 3 winners will be sharing a 25K prize pool distributed in $CAPS Tokens.


Up to
$800K Perks

We’ve partnered with top-notch providers (AWS, Github, Notion etc.) to save you time and money.



Get featured on the Ternoa Launchpad to gain visibility and sell a token round.

Join a vibrant, expanding ecosystem

Some of the most prominent gaming and NFT projects are building on Ternoa. And the list keeps growing.

Funding verticals

We are looking for passionate, agile builders who understand the value of being at the forefront of developing the Ternoa ecosystem.


Gaming & Metaverse

Blockchain-based games, in-game assets, NFTs, marketplaces.


Music & Entertainement

Blockchain-based Media, streaming platforms, music.


Utility NFT, IRL Use case 

NFT privacy, SSI, fractional ownership, copyrights, royalties.


Interoperability, Multi-chain

Interoperable systems, infrastructure, bridges, protocols.

Ternoa Launchpad

Projects will have the option to sell their tokens through the Ternoa Launchpad with the support of Ternoa developers.

The Ternoa launchpad is the platform for any projects that want to run a token sale and introduce it to the Ternoa community and beyond. The launchpad will help founders who are looking for a more efficient funding alternative to the regular ICO and benefit from Capsule Corp Labs’ support during the sale.

4K+ Participants – $4M value held

What we offer

By participating in the program, both novice and experienced developers can benefit from dedicated support from The Blox and Ternoa teams as they progress along their journey. Projects will be fully integrated into the Ternoa ecosystem and will be eligible to receive the following:
  • Go-to-market
  • Marketing strategy
  • Up to $800k perks
  • Community development
  • UI/UX Design support
  • Tokenomics
  • Product launch (MVP)
  • Mentor & Investor connections
  • Key ressources and documentations
  • Live workshops and support
  • Grant in $CAPS
  • Technical support
  • Network (BA, VCs)
  • Ecosystem Partners
  • Launchpad integration
  • Investment Committee
  • Ternoa Community

Program requirements

This program concerns all projects that are interested in developing the Ternoa ecosystem and meet the following requirements:

  • Start-ups whose product fits with one of our verticals. Projects that are not a fit will be considered only under specific conditions
  • Projects that are scalable with high potential
  • For each startup, one of the founders must have a technical background
  • Founders with relevant track record will have an edge
  • Founders are full-time committed to the program
Note : This program is international and fully remote. You won’t have to be physically present in any of the workshops.

Program mentors

Clement Tequi
Clément Tequi

Mentor, Founder

CEO, Capsule Corp. Labs

Martin Oliviero

Martin Oliviero

Mentor, Founder
Co-Founder, Ternoa
Geoffrey Heckmann
Mentor, Blockchain engineer

Co-Founder, Just Mining

Nicolas Cheriot

Mentor, Product expert
Works with Ubisoft, Aircall
Gašper Štih
Mentor, Marketing
CMO, Ternoa

Prakash Pandey

Mentor, Marketing

CMO, Smartlink

Milan Orban

Mentor, Communications

Deputy Editor, Ledger

Philippe Audino

Mentor, Growth 

Sales Director, Airbus

Bilal El Alamy

Mentor, Business Strategy

Co-founder, Dogami

Sebastien Choukroun

Mentor, DeFi Modelling

PhD, ex Nomadic Labs

Philippe Rodriguez

Mentor, Fundraising, M&A

Partner, Avolta Partners

Gaspare Dore

Mentor, M&A

Lawyer, Castaldi Partners

Walid Behar

Mentor, Fundraising

CEO, Edbridg

Hadrien Parsy

Mentor, GameFi, P2E

Co-founder, Metadams

Joseph Emeras 

Mentor, Data Science

Engineering Team, PWC

Nathan Benchimol

Mentor, Tokenomics

CEO, Nomiks

Ludovic Paguet

Mentor, Entrepreneur

CEO, Kanary

Benjamin Cornu

Mentor, NFT Strategy

CEO, Makerare

Gael Durand-Perdriel

Mentor, Media relations


Thomas Clamagirand

Mentor, Product

Scouting manager, Antler

Ecosystem partners

Investment partners

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