Mentor manifesto

Our mission is to build the best startup community for the success of our founders and partners.

Sign the Pledge

The Blox is a network of trustworthy entrepreneurs and knowledgeable experts who share the same common values and professionalism.

The Blox community is based on ethics, respect and responsibility. These are essential qualities for mentors to possess.

The credibility of its members is critical to the network’s continued strength and usefulness.

Mentors who act unethically jeopardize the entire community’s reputation.

The following are some instances of ethical behavior that we expect from our mentors:

  • Being truthful and not deceiving founders, partners, or the community.
  • Respecting and treating entrepreneurs and employees fairly.
  • Using deceptive, unlawful, or dishonest sales practices is not tolerated.
  • Not harassing any of The Blox community members, employees, or anyone else.
  • Maintaining the privacy and secrecy of sensitive information shared by The Blox or one of The Blox’s firms, partners, affiliates, or founders.
  • Emails, conversations, and documents shared within The Blox network are confidential, and can not be forwarded to non-The Blox founders, investors, or the Media.
  • Not causing damages to the reputation of The Blox startups or of The Blox.
  • Being clear in communications and honoring your promises even if not formalized.
  • Behaving in a professional and exemplary manner in general.

If a mentor acts unethically, we will withdraw their The Blox mentor status in order to sustain our community. Access to all The Blox venues, network, events, investors, and tools is included.

I commit to upholding these principles and holding people in the community accountable to The Blox’s values.