Founders we’re looking for


The idea that underpins your project is not necessarily the most crucial element. The composition of your team and the engagement of your network may often have a greater impact on the potential success of your project than the idea itself.

We seek passionate, dedicated, and innovative entrepreneurs who possess the drive and resilience to turn great ideas into reality. We focus on identifying founders with the right mix of technical expertise, business acumen, and leadership skills, along with a strong commitment to their venture.

Tech founders

We believe having tech founders is critical to ensuring the project’s viability and adherence to the roadmap. Founders who apply to The Blox acceleration program should have at least one team member with a technical background. This component is important because it allows us to focus on operations, save money and time, and iterate faster.

Full-time commitment

Founders must be fully invested in the project. The goal of accelerating your startup is to bring your product to market fast. In order to succeed, founders need to focus on every aspect of the program and believe in their project. Also, your enthusiasm and leadership ability should speak volumes.


Our team, mentors, and investors are long-time experts in their space and have the ability to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a project. Therefore, we might advise refocusing some parts of your model or strategy during the acceleration process. The only reason we would do that is to increase your chances of success. Founders should always try to reduce risk and pivot when it’s needed. If you can demonstrate flexibility, accept criticism, and reiterate fast, you will more likely create a favorable outcome for your project.

Getting traction

The Blox works with various partners and platforms to help startups increase awareness among their target audience and get their first customers. We assist founders with their media strategy, press releases, targeted campaigns, and KPIs.


We’re looking for resourceful founders who always strive to find efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver. This simply shows how much you care about your company’s future by solving early-stage problems and having a long-term vision. Founders with pragmatic thinking and an analytical approach make a big difference in the success of a project.

Ideas we’re looking for

Ambitious projects that fail to deliver on their promises are commonplace in the startup ecosystem. We support projects that aim to add real value to the space. The following criteria should help you determine whether or not your product is compatible with our aspirations.

Here are some areas we’re particularly interested in, but not limited to them:

  • AI & ML
    AI/ML algorithms, Data analytics, AI-driven automation, AI ethics, and privacy
  • Metaverse
    VR & AR experiences, Digital goods and services, Virtual land and property, Metaverse infrastructure
  • Culture & Creator Economy
    Digital art and NFTs, Creator platforms and tools, Crowdfunding and patronage, Influencer marketing
  • Entertainment & Gaming
    Video games and Esports, Streaming platforms, Interactive media, Sports tech
  • NFTs & Utility
    NFT minting platforms, Digital asset management, NFT marketplaces, NFT-enabled use cases (e.g., access control, ticketing, etc.)
  • Identity & Privacy
    Digital identity solutions, Privacy-enhancing technologies, Secure communication, Data protection and security
  • Finance
    CeFi platforms and services, DeFi protocols and dApps, Blockchain-based financial solutions, Insurtech and fintech innovations
  • Data & Infrastructure
    Big data management, Edge computing, IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, Cloud services and infrastructure

Besides the above, we are also rather agnostic and open to companies that operate in the following spaces: Marketplaces & Commerce, Health & Wellness, EdTech, and Sustainability & Environment.

Products that solve a problem

Product-market fit is paramount for sustainable growth. Your product should provide a solution to specific problems users are facing. It wouldn’t make sense to push a product that doesn’t bring sustainable value to customers.

We will strongly consider the following:

  • Your product is different from all other projects out there and brings value to its target users
  • Your product is an improved version of an existing solution with advanced features that make you stand out and ahead of your competitor
  • Your product piggybacks on existing products that already have traction and bring value by solving specific users’ problems

You should understand who your customers are and what makes your value proposition strong and resilient.

Realistic ideas

Few investors will be willing to risk their money on your startup if you plan to revolutionize an industry without a concrete benchmark and market analysis to compare the unique properties of your product to the other players.

When you build a company from the ground up, you need to formulate clearly the different levels of feasibility that might impact your project in one way or another. We love founders who have a coherent vision and set realistic expectations for their products.

Relevant blockchain use case and token utility

Not all ideas require the use of blockchain technology. In some cases, a good old centralized architecture is more efficient. We don’t want founders to feel the urge to use tokens in everything and anything.

The use of pertinent technology for your product has to prevail. We’ll pay attention to your tokenomics and, if necessary, assist you in conceptualizing the token model, or choosing the right technology.

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