Join the fastest accelerator pogram in the world.

1-month acceleration followed by infinite support to propel innovative projects that understand the potential of the AI, Metaverse and Web3 convergence.

What is Conv3rgence about?

The Conv3rgence Accelerator is a launchpad for innovation in the realms of AI, Web3, and the Metaverse. Our unique one-month program sets startups up with the tools and resources they need to achieve exponential growth and make a lasting impact.

The Blox Press

Go from project to startup in a heartbeat.

Seize the opportunity to access millions of dollars of funding potential, along with a suite of perks valued at $1M from top-tier service providers such as AWS, Github, Notion and many more. Experience in-depth collaboration, invaluable mentorship, and state-of-the-art design solutions, all designed to help you redefine the future.

We help you move faster, smarter.

Up to $125K in each startup

We invest up to $125K in exchange for 5% equity, selecting projects with the most potential.

$1M+ perks from partners

We’ve partnered with top-notch providers (AWS, Github, Notion etc.) to save you time and money.

Funding opportunities

The best-performing startups will be considered for follow-on funding with our investment committee.

Investment verticals

Conv3rgence by The Blox was created to provide founders with greater flexibility in their entrepreneurial journey. 


AI/ML algorithms, Data analytics, AI-driven automation, AI ethics and privacy


VR & AR experiences, Digital goods and services, Virtual land and property, Metaverse infrastructure

Culture & Creator Economy

Digital art and NFTs, Creator platforms and tools, Crowdfunding and patronage, Influencer marketing

Entertainment & Gaming

Video games and Esports, Streaming platforms, Interactive media, Sports tech

NFTs & Utility

NFT minting platforms, Digital asset management, NFT marketplaces, NFT-enabled use cases (e.g., access control, ticketing, etc.)

Identity & Privacy

Digital identity solutions, Privacy-enhancing technologies, Secure communication, Data protection and security


CeFi platforms and services, DeFi protocols and dApps, Blockchain-based financial solutions, Insurtech and fintech innovations

Data & Infrastructure

Big data management, Edge computing, IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, Cloud services and infrastructure

Besides the above, we are also rather agnostic and open to companies that operate in the following spaces: Marketplaces & Commerce, Health & Wellness, EdTech, and Sustainability & Environment.

Founders we’re looking for

We seek tech-savvy, full-time, flexible, and pragmatic founders with ambitious projects that create tangible value. Our focus is on fostering innovation, efficient execution, and adaptability to create a favorable outcome for your project.

Conv3rgence program curriculum

Essential understanding / Exploring the founder's role / Lean startup

Creating an MVP / UI/UX Design support / Branding

Business model / Tokenomics / Customer personas / Research & validation

Collecting user feedback / Community development / Assembling a high-performance team / Financials & preparation for Blox Booster

Conv3rgence program benefits

Intense, Focused Support
The condensed timeline necessitates a highly focused and structured approach to mentorship, support, and resource allocation. Startups receive personalized attention and guidance in essential areas such as building an MVP, market validation, UI design, pitch training, fundraising, and legal matters, ensuring they extract maximum value from the program.
AI-Powered Automation

The Conv3rgence Accelerator leverages AI technology and our team’s expertise to automate various processes and tasks, providing startups with high-quality support and resources in a shorter time frame. AI-driven insights and tools help startups in all the key areas to make informed decisions and refine their strategies.

Time Efficient

This 1-month program serves as an effective preparation ground for our Blox Booster program, allowing startups to build their businesses smarter and faster. The short format encourages startups to focus on the most critical aspects of their business, resulting in quick progress and accelerated growth.


The short duration of this program means reduced operational costs for both the accelerator and participating startups. If the expected results aren’t achieved, it provides an opportunity to pivot and explore other avenues. The cost savings are redirected towards providing better iteration, resources, services, and funding opportunities for the startups.
Higher Turnover
Conv3rgence allows the accelerator to support a larger number of startups over the same period compared to traditional accelerators.
This increased cohort turnover leads to a more diverse pool of startups, fostering cross-collaboration, networking opportunities, and a richer ecosystem for innovation.

What our founders say

Vincent Porquet

CEO & Founder of Astromust

The Blox Accelerator was a game-changer for us, offering unparalleled guidance, support, and resources that catapulted our project to new heights.

Anthony Jacquelin

The Blox Accelerator has been a driving force behind our product release. The support and resources they provide have been invaluable to us!

Andre Dibe

The Blox Accelerator has helped us refine our vision, strategy, and execution. Their network of mentors has been really helpful to us and we’re grateful to have been part of such a great journey!

The Blox partners

Partners The Blox

Program team

Ben Constanty

Founder, CEO

The Blox

Ludovic Polly

VP, Program Management

The Blox

Selim Lasram

CTO, Engineer

The Blox

Laurent Plenet

Chief accountant

The Blox

Program mentors

Amir Mehrbakhsh

Mentor, Product marketing

Marketing, CELO

Milan Orban

Mentor, Communications

Deputy Editor, Ledger

Xavier Sourceau
Remy Di Mascio

Mentor, Gaming

Head of Web3, Tap Nation

Philippe Audino

Mentor, Growth 

Sales Director, Airbus

Iñaki Moreno

Mentor, Web3 strategy

Web3 BD, Google

Henri Mirande
Mentor, AI
CTO, Kinetix
Kseniia Baziian
Mentor, Marketing

Marketing Lead, Ankr

Thomas Clamagirand

Mentor, Product

Scouting manager, Antler

Albin Warin

Mentor, Fundraising

VC, XT Labs

Xavier Sourceau

James Wo

Mentor, Fundraising

Founder & CEO, DFG
Lea Makhloufi

Mentor, Fundraising

M&A, Everyrealm

Jennifer Roebuck

Mentor, Brand expert

ex-CMO, Sephora

Cathy White

Mentor, Story telling


Mesut Yilmaz

Mentor, Fundraising

Tax Advisor, KPMG
Ioana Suparteanu

Mentor, Data

CIO, Swash

Hadrien Zerah

Mentor, Tezos Ecosystem

Director, Nomadic Labs

Álvaro García Pérez

Mentor, Researcher

Engineer, CEA

Xavier Sourceau
Xavier Sourceau
Mentor, Go-to-Market
CRO, Consultant

Matthieu Saubin

Mentor, Community 

Polygon Ambassador

Amine Bounoughaz

Mentor, Go-to-market

Forbes 30 under 30

Philippe Rodriguez

Mentor, Fundraising, M&A

Partner, Avolta Partners

Gaspare Dore

Mentor, M&A

Lawyer, Castaldi Partners

Walid Behar

Mentor, Fundraising

CEO, Edbridg

Hadrien Parsy

Mentor, GameFi, P2E

Co-founder, Metadams

Matt Liimakka

Mentor, Go-to-Market

Marketing manager, Ripple

Julien Brosse

Mentor, Legal & IP expert

COO, Ipocamp

Thomas Duriez

Mentor, Data Scientist

Bitcoin Miner

Clement Tequi
Clément Tequi

Mentor, Founder

CEO, Capsule Corp. Labs

Martin Oliviero
Mickael Canu

Mentor, Founder

CEO, Ternoa

Joanna Liang
Mentor, Fundraising

CEO, Jsquare

Nathan Benchimol

Mentor, Tokenomics

CEO, Nomiks

Ludovic Paguet

Mentor, Entrepreneur

CEO, Kanary

Benjamin Cornu

Mentor, NFT Strategy

CEO, Makerare

Gael Durand-Perdriel

Mentor, Media relations


Sebastien Choukroun

Mentor, DeFi Modelling

PhD, Wakam

Nicolas Cheriot
Mentor, UX Design
CEO, Systerz
Arnaud Vanpeperstraete
Mentor, Web3 expert
Ex-manager, GE
Laszlo Szabo
Mentor, Entrepreneur
CEO, Kiln
Arnaud Touati
Mentor, Legal
Lawyer, Hashtag
And many more when you enter the program.